In the Engineering business, JMU provides technology and engineering based on "Monozukuri" technology expertise to constructions taking place at other domestic and overseas shipyards. Moreover, JMU promotes development and the sale of new products which incorporates technology on latest environment and less environmental footprint technology to provide solutions in response to our customers' demands.

Providing merchant vessel technology, supplying equipment/materials, and construction expertise & instruction

JMU strengthens a friendly relationship with newly developing overseas shipyards through providing technology, equipment/materials and construction expertise.

CEPS (JMU-CRP Electric Propulsion System)

CEPS is an advanced system for electric propulsion vessels that are environmentally friendly and provide superb energy-saving, improved safety, and superior maintenance features. JMU will aim to extending our activities to cover overseas projects as an environmentally friendly product.

SPB (Self-supporting Prismatic shape IMO Type B) Tank Technology

JMU provides design support and grants licenses to IHI and overseas shipbuilders for the use of IHI-SPB tank technology, which is a unique Japanese self-dependently developed technology for marine LNG storage tanks.

Offshore/marine structures

JMU is also taking advantage of its massive design, movement analysis/control technology, construction experience in floating structures like the deep sea semi-submersible rigs. These experiences had lead JMU to carry out conversion work for semi-submersible rigs.

New energy and environmental fields

JMU participates in national projects such as methane hydrate development. Moreover, JMU focuses on developing new energy recovery technology such as the offshore wind power generating units thought to become a future reality.