Merchant ship and Offshore work

JMU's merchant ship division possesses the world's top class technological resources and shipbuilding equipment, and is contributing to the progress of maritime logistics, which is the main artery of the global economy, through construction of diverse types of ships. JMU products include tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, liquefied gas (LNG/LPG) carriers, and ferries, among others. In recent years, the need for preservation of the global environment has become increasingly urgent, particularly in the areas of air/marine pollution and prevention of global warming. On the other hand, in response to the sharp rise in the price of crude oil and increased operating costs, customers now demand user-friendly ships that satisfy a diverse range of requirements, including fail-safe quality and safety, as well as excellent fuel efficiency and environmental performance. Utilizing our independent research center and accumulation of high technological capabilities, JMU was among the first to grapple with the development of low energy consumption, low environmental load technologies.
We are working to earn an excellent reputation as the leading company in this field from customers throughout the world by close marketing that identifies the real needs of customers, and supply of ships with outstanding performance and quality that meet those needs on timely basis.
Offshore energy resource development is also becoming increasingly important, responding to the rising need for energy in recent years. In this field as well, JMU is making wide-ranging contributions to offshore development around the globe through construction of offshore structures such as Floating oil/gas Production, Storage, and Offloading facilities (FPSO/FSO), drilling and production equipment (jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs, jackets, drill ships, etc.), and floating structures for offshore wind farms, as well as construction of offshore support ships and various types of work vessels.