Cruise ship and car ferry

JMU passenger liners and ferries satisfy high speed and other customer needs, and are actively used in Japan and overseas.

JMU has constructed many large-scale, high speed ferries that are used in regular service in Japan, and has also constructed luxury cruise liners. We have a proven record with the Super Slender Twin Hull (SSTH) type super-high speed ferry, which was developed by JMU, and are developing a new next-generation car ferry with excellent fuel economy in response to customer demand.

Newly developed Large-scale car ferry


This large scale car ferry has excellent fuel efficiency due to the optimum hull form, contra-rotating propeller (CRP) and our GHG reduction technology, and also achieves both voyage fuel efficiency and port maneuvering performance with a hybrid propulsion system.This ferry is "friendly to both human and environment" with comfortable living areas.

Winner of the 2018 ship of the year-Large passenger ship sector-

  • Gross tonnage: 13,700 (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length 192m x beam 27m

High speed car ferry


Among monohull type ferries, the "Suzuran" and "Suisen" are Japan's fastest large-scale, long-distance ferries. By greatly shortening transportation time, the development of high speed ferries has greatly affected maritime logistics between Japan's western Kansai region and the northern island of Hokkaido. (Winner of the 1996 Ship of the Year Award)

  • Gross tonnage: 17,300 (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.200m x beam 25.0m

Cruise ship


This is the cruise ship "Pacific Venus," and has a passenger capacity of 720 persons. This luxury cruise ships actively plies the world's oceans, for example, making a round-the-world cruise in typical years.

  • Gross tonnage: 26,500 (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.183.4m x beam 25m

SSTH type super-high speed cruise ship/car ferry


The Super Slender Twin Hull (SSTH), which was developed independently by JMU, realizes high speed performance, fuel economy, and excellent passenger comfort.
(The No. 1 SSTH type ship, "Trident," won the 1992 Ship of the Year Award.)

  • Gross tonnage: 1,687 (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.72.1m x beam 12.9m