Product Information

  • Container ship

    Applying cutting-edge technologies, JMU builds container ships that ensure high reliability and realize larger scale and greater energy savings.

  • Tanker

    With an impressive construction record and full range of leading-edge technologies, JMU builds high performance tankers with outstanding safety and environmental performance.

  • Bulk carrier

    JMU realized high efficiency, energy saving ships based on its long record in construction of bulk carriers.

  • Liquefied gas carrier

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) have attracted much attention in recent years for their environmental advantages. JMU responded to the advanced needs of liquefied gas carriers by pursuing safety, durability, and transportation economy.

  • Pure Car Carrier

    Our aim is to realize high standard car carriers, with optimum balance of propulsion and cargo capacity.

  • Offshore structure

    Construction of large-scale offshore structures is key to global marine development/energy development.

  • Offshore support vessel

    JMU has built a large number of offshore support vessels and ocean towing tugs suiting user's needs. JMU's diverse range of products includes Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTSV), Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), and others used in offshore development projects.

  • Cruise ship and car ferry

    JMU passenger liners and ferries satisfy high speed and other customer needs, and are actively used in Japan and overseas.

  • Special ship, small boat and FRP boat

    In addition to building ships for a variety of special functions such as route maintenance and marine civil construction, electric propulsion ships, etc., JMU also has a proven record in the construction of diverse other types of ships, such as high speed passenger ships, sightseeing boats, FRP boats and others.

  • Ship repair

    JMU performs periodical inspection and repair work for domestic and foreign merchant ships and various types of naval ships. We also plan, draft, and execute various types of conversion work in line with customer needs, and perform life extension work for naval ships and patrol boats.

  • Defense systems & Equipments, and Factory Automation Devises

    JMU has mainly been producing and supplying the highest advanced defense systems & equipments for the Japanese Self Defense Forces and also the factory automation devises and underwater working vehicles for the various industries.

  • Marine equipment

    JMU supplies the marine energy saving device SURF-BULB and anti-rolling tank Mup-ART III.

  • SPB® System

    With this proven and safe cutting edge technologies, JMU offers best solutions for any ships.

  • Unmanned System

    Multi-Purpose USV is high performance Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), developed for various mission that needs speed, stability and endurance. MP-USV has enhanced dynamic positioning and towing capability with twin advanced diesel WJ propulsion system.