Offshore support vessel

JMU has built a large number of offshore support vessels and ocean towing tugs suiting user's needs. JMU's diverse range of products includes Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTSV), Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), and others used in offshore development projects.

Based on a wide and deep study of customer needs, JMU builds high reliability, practical, competitive offshore support vessels (AHTSV, PSV, etc.) suited to the needs of the market, by utilizing a wealth of experience in ship design and construction technology accumulated over many years. These vessels have obtained a high evaluation from most offshore vessel's owners around the world.

Anchor handling tug supply vessel


  • Gross tonnage: 3,200t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.75m x beam approx. 18m x depth approx. 8.1m

Platform supply vessel


  • Dead-weight capacity: 4,700t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.88m x beam approx. 19m x depth approx. 8m

Ocean tug


  • Gross tonnage: 2,600t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.68m x beam approx. 16.4m x depth approx. 7.2m