Special ship and small boat

In addition to building ships for a variety of special functions such as route maintenance and marine civil construction, electric propulsion ships, etc., JMU also has a proven record in the construction of diverse other types of ships, such as high speed passenger ships, sightseeing boats, and others.

JMU has proven results in the construction of dredgers and other work vessels that support a wide range of marine fields, such as route maintenance and marine civil construction. We built the oceanographic research ship, which is used in high accuracy observation of marine weather. JMU also builds boats made of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and aluminum alloys.

Passenger ship


This is a sailing vessel-type passenger ship on Lake Ashi at Hakone. In addition to the design, JMU emphasized the comfort of a passenger ship and realized low noise, low vibration, and barrier-free. Because it was not possible to build the entire ship at lake side, blocks were first constructed at JMU's Yokohama District Tsurumi Works. The completed blocks were then transported to a lake side shop, and hull joining and outfitting were performed at the site. The vessel was then launched, and was delivered to the customer after trial operation on the lake.

  • Gross tonnage: 330t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length 35.0m x beam 10.0m x depth 2.95m

FRP boats and crafts


Speed and safety are two fundamental performance requirements in passenger ships, but stability is also indispensable when carrying passengers. JMU is responding to diverse needs with advanced technologies and deep insight into rivers and seas. The "Nishiki," which complies with the Barrier-Free Transportation Act, has won high marks from users as a ferryboat operating between Niijima and Shikinejima. (Winner of the 2009 Ship of the Year Divisional Award)

  • Gross tonnage: 69t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length 23.82m x beam 5.54m x depth 1.83m

Guard and Rescure Craft

JMU has consistently developed and built a wide variety of FRP boats and crafts, including those for the Japan Coast Guard, as well as those for the JMSDF.

  • Gross tonnage: 2.0t
  • Principal dimensions : length 7.48m x beam 2.30m x depth 1.42m
  • Main engine : 170 kW x 1 unit Speed : 30 knots Complement : 12 people

Radio-controlled Craft"MANBO‡U"

JMU is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of research boats and special boats for fisheries and the seabed by radio control.

  • Gross tonnage: 6.0t
  • Principal dimensions : length 10.00m x beam 2.80m x depth 1.40m
  • Main engine : 150 PS x 1 unit Speed : 12.00 knots Complement : unmanned


JMU offers a wide variety of lifeboats for up to 130 passengers according to the needs of customers.

Icebreaking Sightseeing Ship


This is the only icebreaking type sightseeing ship in Japan.

  • Gross tonnage: 491t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length 45.0m x beam 10.0m x depth 4.8m

Floating crane


The world's largest class crane ship, with a lifting capacity of 3,600 tons.
Maximum lifting capacity: approximately 3,600 tons

  • Gross tonnage: 12,214t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length 105.6m x beam 46m x depth 7.5m
  • Maximum lifting capacity : 3,600 t (approx.)

Cement deep mixing barge

POCM No.12

This ship is used to construct cement-improved columns in the sea bottom ground by penetrating soft bottom ground while rotating the improvement shaft, and then performing stirring/kneading while injecting a cement stabilizer.

  • Principal dimensions : length 60m x beam 30.0m x depth 4.0m
  • Total derrick height : 61.3m


This is an environment-friendly next-generation ship which is equipped with a hybrid system that suppresses exhaust gas and efficiently utilizes energy. It is used in construction to deepen port and harbor facilities in Japan, and to implement earthquake-resistance measures at such facilities.

  • Principal dimensions : length 70m x beam 32.0m x depth 2.65m
  • Total derrick height : 61.0m

Oceanographic Research Vessel


This vessel is engaged in wide area, high accuracy observation and research on marine meteorology with the aim of elucidating global climate change.

  • Gross tonnage: 8,672t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions : length 116.0m x beam 19.0m x depth 10.5m