Offshore structure

Construction of large-scale offshore structures is key to global marine development/energy development.

JMU is contributing to energy development around the world by constructing offshore oil drilling rigs, petroleum production platforms, floating oil and gas production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) units, and other structures based on our rich record in the construction of large-scale offshore structures. We are also working to ensure a stable supply of oil and gas for Japan through the construction of marine oil reserve facilities.

Floating substaion


  • Principal dimensions : high above waterline approx. 61m, oparation draft approx. 50m

Offshore Stockpiling Base

SHIRASHIMA Stockpiling Base

  • Storage capacity : 5,600,000kl
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.397m x beam approx. 82m x depth approx. 25.4m x 8barges

(Photo:courtesy of Shirashima Oil Storage Company, Ltd.)

LPG-FPSO (LPG-Floating production storage and offloading system)


In November 2004, we delivered the world's first LPG-FPSO (*1) to SBM. This vessel is equipped with IHI-SPB type LPG tanks, and its 135,000㎥ LPG storage capacity is the world's largest. Although oilfield associated gas ("flare gas") is simply flared off with the conventional technology, this vessel is equipped with a system that enables effective utilization of flare gas as an energy resource, and has attracted attention for its contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the global environment.

  • Gross tonnage: 111,245t
  • Principal dimensions : length 230.0m x beam 49.0m x depth 29.3m

FPSO (Hull)


  • Storage capacity : 119,000m3
  • Principal dimensions : length approx. 241m x beam approx. 42m x depth approx. 21.2m



  • Storage capacity : 172,700m3
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.262.4m x beam approx. 46m x depth approx. 23.9m

Production & Testing System


  • Storage capacity : 180,000m3
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.209m x beam approx. 32m x depth approx. 18m

Semi-submersible Drilling Rig


  • Maximum deck load:5,841t (during drilling)
  • Maximum water depth:1,500m
  • Maximum drilling depth:9,000m
  • Principal dimensions : length approx. 117m x beam approx. 70m


  • Maximum deck load : 5,000t (during drilling)
  • Maximum water depth : 1500m
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.113m x beam approx. 77m

Jack Up Drilling Rig


  • Maximum deck load : 3,750t (during drilling)
  • Maximum water depth : 106m
  • Maximum drilling depth :6,096m
  • Principal dimensions : length approx.84m x beam approx. 90m