Unmanned System

Multi-Purpose USV

Multi-Purpose USV is high performance Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), developed for various mission that needs speed, stability and endurance. MP-USV has enhanced dynamic positioning and towing capability with twin advanced diesel WJ propulsion system. Unique retractable hull dome provides capacity to install various kinds of sensor and equipment.

Ship data platform Sea-Navi®2.0

This is a new system that collects and stores real-time data such as nautical system and engine system from ships sailing in real sea area and supports the use and utilization of ship big data. We provide a wide variety of applications such as weather routing and hull structure monitoring that support safe and eco-friendly operations from the Sea-NaviR 2.0 platform.

The automatic mooring system

The automatic mooring system is fully automated the berthing, leaving, mooring, and outboard discharge work of the dredged sand of the vessel.
The system has been supporting the large dredging and oil recovery vessel “Kaishomaru”, which has been engaged in dredging operations in Kanmon Straits for about 20 years.
The purpose is to reduce the burden on the vessels crew, it is composed of an automatic berthing system that supports berthing, an automatic mooring device to the quay, and an automatic land discharge sand device.

Object Recognition Technology

It is a technology for automatically recognizing objects seen from a ship by making AI learn the characteristics of the shape of an object at sea using deep learning. By monitoring the surroundings using object recognition technology, safe and efficient navigation can be performed. It also contributes to labor saving and unmanned work by reducing the burden on the sailors on the lookout. JMU is working on the development towards the practical application of the object recognition technology. This technology development is (partly) carried out as a commissioned work of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO).