JMU is pioneering the future of ship and offshore industry as a leading company in the shipbuilding industry …

Japan Marine United was born through the merger of Universal Shipbuilding Corporation and IHI Marine United Inc., and these two shipbuilding companies have always been in the leading position in the Japanese shipbuilding industry.

By fully utilizing the strength and edge held by the two companies in the areas of designing and development capabilities, and the highly developed technological capabilities accumulated through the massive experience of actual shipbuilding, JMU aims to establish their position as the top company in the industry and further implement their growth strategy by enhancement of their competitiveness as well as earning capabilities in all 4 business fields they are committed to.

JMU Business Naval Ship Merchant ship and Offshore work Engineering Ship Life Cycle Engineering Ship Life Cycle Merchant ship and Offshore work

Merchant ship and Offshore work

JMU supplies products that respond quickly to the needs of customers with the optimum production system that makes full use of our design and development capabilities and the distinctive features of each of our shipyards.

Naval Ship

Our aim is to achieve further growth as a base for the construction and repair of naval ships and special ships, which require advanced construction technologies.


We are developing new businesses worldwide using the advanced technologies cultivated to date.

Ship Life Cycle

With its global network, the JMU Group supplies services that increase the value of ships over the entire ship life cycle.