A Message from the President and CEO

President and CEO
Kotaro Chiba

Our company, Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU), was created by management integration (merger) of Universal Shipbuilding Corporation and IHI Marine United Inc. in January 2013.
The name of the company reflects our strong desire and commitment to become a leading world class shipbuilding company with background of a Japanese shipbuilding alliance.

JMU will make the most efficient use of research and technology development qualities, wider and wholesome clientele, and enhanced large-scale facilities, all acquired and strengthened as the result of the management integration, enabling us to proceed with the development of world's top class energy saving and environmental protection technologies as well as the product development capabilities that will consistently lead the shipbuilding industry worldwide, and each of our shipyards, 7 in total with a variety of features, will continue to build high value-added ships that would fit into their specialty.
Our business fields will have the merchant shipbuilding and naval shipbuilding centered as the core operation to strengthen our business base, with the aim of expanding the engineering business and lifecycle business, as well as enforcing our initiative for offshore structure business in the near future.
We are aware that our commitment of contributing to the society and to the industry development can be realized through sustained growth achievable by responding quickly and flexibly to various needs of our customers throughout the shipbuilding and offshore business fields we are engaged in, allowing us to continuously provide our highest quality products and services.
We intend to devote our full capacity towards this aim and we would be grateful to the continued warm support of all those concerned.