A new Start Japan Marine United Effective January 1, 2013, a new company, Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU), will be established through management integration of Universal Shipbuilding Corporation and IHI Marine United Inc.

4 Core Businesses of JMU Japan Marine United JMU is targeting business development in 4 core businesses, Merchant Ships, Naval Ships, Engineering, and Ship Life Cycle.

Technologies of JMU Japan Marine United Japan Marine United (JMU) possesses proven technologies that are supported by traditions and actual results spanning more than 150 years.

History of JMU Japan Marine United JMU's history can be traced back to 1853. The company has been a world leader in shipbuilding technology for more than 150 years.

JMU was created by integration of two companies, Universal Shipbuilding and IHIMU, which were the leaders in the shipbuilding industry in Japan. Taking full advantage of the strengths of those two companies in the areas of design/development and outstanding technical capabilities developed as a result of an extensive record of actual shipbuilding work, JMU aims to establish its position as the top company in the industry and realize a strategy for continuing growth.


JMU is a leading company in the shipbuilding industry, with bases throughout Japan. Making full use of the wealth of experience and advanced technologies cultivated to date, we are aiming at further development.

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