Defense systems & Equipments, and Factory Automation Devises

Originating from the Arms and Machinery Shop of Maizuru Naval Arsenal established in 1901, we have mainly been producing and supplying the highest advanced defense systems & equipments for the Japanese Self Defense Forces and also the factory automation devises and underwater working vehicles for the various industries.

Our main business lines of defense systems & equipments are; mines, mine-counter-measures, onboard equipments for naval ship including ship pilot & control system, amphibious vehicle, NBC decontamination device and so on as shown below.

Ship to Ship Supplying System

This devise fitted onboard of the AOE of Japan Maritime Self Defense Force has supplied oil and various materials to many naval ships of various nations serving peace keeping operation in Indian Ocean.

Automatic Pilot & Control System for Mine Sweepers

This system and other outfitting equipments such as rudder carrier, anchoring devise and etc. for Mine Sweepers of Japan Maritime Self Defense Force exclusively built by JMU Defense Systems, contribute to the accurate ship control under the mine-sweeping operation.

Amphibious Vehicle (Mine Layer)

Combination with the shipbuilding technology of JMU, we have developed the Amphibious Mine Layer for Japan Ground Self Defense Force, which is only Amphibious Vehicle for military purpose produced in Japan.

NBC Decontamination System

This mobile "NBC" decontamination devise used effectively not only decontamination but also supplying hot water to the people at the time of the disastrous nuclear generating plant accident caused by earthquake/tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Automatic-welding Devise

We have developed and supplied such advanced self-welding devises for JMU and other steel-fabricators.

Underwater Maintenance Vehicle for private companies

We have developed and supplied such advanced remote controlled underwater vehicles for electricity generating plant and other underwater servicing companies to remove accumulated earth and sand in dam and water reservoir.

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