JMU entered into Cooperation Agreement regarding SPB® System with Aluship Technology Sp. z o.o.


  Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) has entered into a Cooperation Agreement with Aluship Technology Sp. z o.o. (Aluship), based in Poland, concerning the fabrication of SPB® System (Self-supporting Prismatic-shape IMO type B) which is developed by JMU for LNG cargo / fuel gas tanks.

  In this agreement, JMU has selected Aluship as a qualified fabricator of SPB® System, and the both parties cooperate on sales activities of SPB® System to European customers.

  This system is flexibly fitted depending on available space in various shape, free from sloshing and limitation of loading level. For its high reliability with these features, SPB® System can be applied as LNG fuel tanks for gas fueled ships, as well as current LNG cargo tanks.

  Having a fabricator in Europe where use of LNG fuel in shipping and LNG supply infrastructure have been well advanced, JMU is now able to supply promptly European customer with SPB® System, and to have more sales opportunity in the area through the fabricator.
  JMU also provides the system fabricated by Aluship to customers outside Europe, when it has enough competitiveness.

  JMU continues to expand the fabrication network of SPB® System in worldwide, and to supply the best LNG tank system.

About Aluship Technology Sp. z o. o. :
Leading engineering and production company for aluminum structures for maritime and offshore / onshore industries.