JMU received AIP from ABS for increasing design vapor pressure of SPB® System up to 4bar


  Japan Marine United Corporation (JMUC), the world leader of marine technology with its unique LNG containment system known as SPB® System, announces that on 19th January, 2017, it received an Approval in Principle (AIP) from American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), for increasing design vapor pressure of SPB® System up to 4BarG exceeding 0.7BarG, which is normally considered as maximum vapor pressure as prismatic tank under IMO IGC code and IMO IGF code. The AIP covers the design procedure which is based on the limit state design for novel concepts that is defined in the IMO IGC code (2016 edition).

  Adopting this new concept (such as 4 bar vapor pressure) allows SPB® System to hold BOG in tank by pressure accumulation like type "C" independent tank system, and enables to optimize the design vapor pressure and LNG handling system following owner's BOG holding time requirement. And if necessary, higher design pressure exceeding 4bar can be also developed.

  SPB® System has excellent features such as high reliability, robustness, no sloshing and best space efficiency, and its application field has been expanding into LNG fuel tanks as well. JMUC shall provide the best LNG tank solutions incorporating every customer's needs with this new SPB® System.