JMU granted a license for sales and fabrication of SPB® System for LNG fuel tank


Japan Marine United Corporation (hereinafter "JMU", Head office: Kanagawa, Japan) has granted a license for sales and fabrication of SPB® System(*1) for LNG fuel tank to Wison (Nantong) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Wison", Head office: Nantong, People's Republic of China) on 9th September 2019.

Under this license JMU supply with its design and technical know-how of SPB® System to Wison for their production of SPB® System. Licensing takes an important part in JMU's business to spread SPB® system application in LNG industry and to expand SPB® fabrication network.

Wison, as the EPC Contarctor, has an experience to complete a FSRU equipped with SPB® System supplied by IHI Corporation, which has been successfully delivered to Wison's client. JMU has decided to grant the License to Wison evaluating their experience and technical / sales reputation, aiming at growing demand of LNG fuel in China.

For Wison's future project, JMU will provide Wison with SPB® System design package as LNG fuel tank and related technical support, and Wison will proceed production works based on JMU's design package in order to fabricate and sell SPB® System to its clients.

LNG tank type of vessel is SPB® System, the original containment system for liquefied gas developed by IHI and JMU. All SPB® tanks fabricated since 1980's prove its robustness without any repairs until today. As its structure prevents sloshing, there is no limit of loading liquid level. This feature contributes to safety operation of the vessel of which LNG level often changes.

JMU will continue to develop SPB® and LNG related business with expansion of SPB® fabrication network worldwide.

*1 SPB® System:
Developed by IHI Corporation and JMU, this LNG containment system has been well known for its robustness that all tanks fabricated since 1980s have never got structural repair. Sloshing-free tank design contributes to safe operation of LNG fuel tank of which liquid level always changes.