JMU entered into building contract for LNG bunkering vessel


Japan Marine United Corporation (hereinafter "JMU", Head office: Kanagawa, Japan) has entered into the building contract for a multi-product (LNG and low sulfur fuel oil) bunkering vessel with Ecobunker Shipping Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "EBS", Head office: Kanagawa, Japan) on 26th February 2019.

The vessel is built as a part of STS LNG fuel supply business in Tokyo bay by three shareholders of EBS, Sumitomo Corporation (Head office: Tokyo, Japan), Uyeno Transtech Ltd. (Head office: Kanagawa, Japan), and Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corporation(Head office: Kanagawa, Japan). The business will be subsidized from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

For the Global 0.5% Sulphur Cap coming into effect in 2020, LNG fuel is catching attention from whole maritime industry as much as low sulfur fuel oil. The vessel can provide both solutions to the regulation as first multi-product bunkering vessel in Asia.

To build the vessel, JMU designs total concept and LNG system managing the whole project. Hull design and construction will be subcontracted to Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Head office, Fukuoka, Japan), and LNG tank fabrication including the LNG cargo handling system to Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company (Head office: Metro Manila, Philippines). Mixing shipbuilding know-hows of these two companies with JMU's technology related to LNG, high quality and cost competitive multi-product bunkering vessel shall be planed.

LNG tank type of vessel is SPB® System, the original containment system for liquefied gas developed by IHI and JMU. All SPB® tanks fabricated since 1980's prove its robustness without any repairs until today. As its structure prevents sloshing, there is no limit of loading liquid level. This feature contributes to safety operation of the vessel of which LNG level often changes.

JMU will continue to develop SPB® and LNG related business with expansion of SPB® fabrication network worldwide.

Length: Approx. 95.57 m
Beam: Approx. 15.8 m
Draft: Approx. 4.4 m
Gross tonnage: Approx. 4,100 t
LNG tank capacity: 2,500 m3
Compliant marine fuel oil capacity: 1,500 m3
Home port: Port of Yokohama