Engineering/Research and Development Organization

Test facilities

Towing Tank
(L:240m x B:18m x D:8m)

JMU possesses advanced test tank facilities, enabling a diverse range of test and experimental research. The company's Tsu site has a Towing Tank and an Ice Tank (only such facility owned by a private-company in Japan), while Yokohama has a Seakeeping and Maneuvering Tank and a Cavitation Tunnel. These test tanks are actively used together with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tools and as powerful fluid performance design/development tools.

Seakeeping & Maneuvering Tank
(L:70m x B:30m x D:3m)

Cavitation Tunnel

Ice Tank
(L:20m x B:6m x D:1.8m)

Hydrodynamics Research Group

Based on fundamental technologies in connection with fluids, including analytical, experimental, information processing technologies, and others developed in research in the ship and offshore structure fields, the Hydrodynamics Research Group is engaged in the development of ships and offshore structures that provide "Excellent performance (low fuel consumption, low sea margin, high maneuverability) and cost competitiveness."

Ice Engineering Research Group

As Japan's representative maker of icebreaking ships, JMU has constructed icebreaking ships, starting with successive Japanese Antarctic research icebreakers. The Ice Engineering Research Group carries out research and development with the aim of supplying icebreaking ships that not only have excellent performance, but are also environment-friendly in ice-covered waters, including the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, the Sea of Okhotsk, and others.

Structural Research Group

The Structural Research Group is engaged in research and development on hull structures that satisfy both safety and economy at a high level, and high efficiency/optimization of design, based on advanced structural analysis technologies and experiment/measurement technologies, in relation to vibration and fatigue.

Production Engineering Research Group

With the primary aim of "Realizing high productivity by high level production technologies", the Production Engineering Research Group is promoting research and development of production technologies that contribute to stabilization of product quality, reduction of production costs, on-time delivery, and shortening of lead times, and is also promoting these activities in cooperation with related departments in shipyards.

Test & Analyzing Group

Model tests, ship's full scale measurements and the analyses of their results, and also model ship manufacturing are carried out at Test & Analyzing Groups located at Tsu and Yokohama area.