The business covers the design, procurement, construction and conversion of offshore structures such as offshore oil drilling rigs, oil production platforms and floating oil and gas production, storage and offloading equipment. In recent years we have been focusing in particular on fields related to offshore wind power generation.

In the development of technologies that generate renewable energy, such as offshore wind power, not only knowledge about the structure itself, but also knowledge in the offshore oil and gas fields is important. As JMU has its roots in a heavy industry manufacturer, it also has extensive knowledge of oil and gas with its knowledge of ships and the ocean. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to work on technological development while combining the knowledge we have accumulated through our past achievements.

In the operation of offshore structures including offshore wind power, ships are indispensable for installation and maintenance work. JMU’s core business of shipbuilding technology is utilized to flexibly respond to the building work vessels and support vessels in the field of offshore structures.


Electric propulsion ship

We have developed electric propulsion ships that equipped with contra-rotating propeller (CRP) and electric propulsion system. And we have a track record of design, licensing, and CRP supply for those ships.

SPB® technology

SPB® (Self-supporting Prismatic shape IMO type-B) tanks, the only proprietary technology developed in Japan as a marine LNG tank is widely licensed in Japan and overseas.

Structural Engineering

Offshore structures

We design semi-subrigs and floating oil storage facilities. Along with the development of drilling technology, we are providing integrated solutions from the modification design of existing rigs to the construction.

Offshore Structure

Coastal, New Energy and Environment

We are actively promoting technological development that make use of the group company’s technologies to utilize new energy such as methane hydrate development and floating offshore wind power generation facilities in the future.

Floating Offshore Wind Turbine