To achieve hull weight reduction while ensuring hull strength.This is what JMU’s advanced technology and excellent engineers make possible by balancing the complicatedly related technologies.

In addition, we are engaged in research and development of the evaluation methods for hull structure’s soundness, utilizing the collected hull monitoring data and the latest Digital Twin technology.
It is easy to collect hull monitoring data and navigation data using the Sea-Navi®, a ship operation support integrated platform.
The “Digital Twin for ship structures”, which is defined as a reproduction method of actual ship behavior on cyber incorporating simulation results with hull monitoring data.

Concept of Sea-Navi®
Real-time display of CII and rating

We will develop technologies that will bring economic benefits for stakeholders by utilizing structural digital twin technology in the life cycle of ships, such as operation and maintenance after delivery.

Advanced Structural Analysis for Structural Reliability

Optimal Design based on Advanced Structural Analysis Systems

For ensuring structural safety of ships, technologies to reasonably estimate loads on the ship hull, calculate the response accurately, and evaluate strength appropriately are required. JMU has achieved optimal structural designs of ship using the advanced structural analysis systems developed for many years.

Strength and Fatigue Analysis

Ensuring Reliability and Safety by High Accurate Structural Analysis Technologies

During designing the SANHA LPG FPSO, we applied high accurate structural analysis technologies developed through SPB® tank design. We also ensure reliability and safety of offshore structures by applying these technologies for the design of hull structures and processing plants on the deck.

SPB: Self-supporting Prismatic-shape IMO type B

Vibration Analysis

Ensuring Quiet and Comfortable ships’ Environment by Highly Accurate Estimation Technologies of Vibration

In order to ensure the habitability of accommodation spaces of ships, it is important to control vibration of ships to lower level. In recent years, controlling vibration level becomes difficult due to increase of main engine excitation force and increase of height of superstructure. JMU keeps developing the quiet and comfortable ships by using highly accurate estimation technologies of vibration.

Optimal Structural Design

Optimal Structural Design using Strength Assessment System

JMU has developed the strength assessment system in accordance with classification rules. That can achieve the optimal hull structural design quickly.

SPB® LNG Containment Technology

Ensuring High Safety under the Motion in Wave

We have developed SPB® tank complying with IMO type B requirement and the LNG carrier in 1985. Robust design with advanced extensive analysis and strict accuracy control under construction has enabled high safety and reliability of SPB® tank. SANHA LPG FPSO taking advantages of SPB® tank has been built and delivered at Kure shipyard in November 2004.