JMU realized high efficiency, energy saving ships based on its long record in construction of bulk carriers.

Large-scale bulk carriers are one of the greatest strengths of JMU. The company has accumulated a long record in the construction of Dunkirkmax class BCs spanning many years, and boasts quality unrivaled by any other company, including high reliability, outstanding performance, and excellent energy saving effects, among others. JMU has also constructed a large number of 200,000 ton class (Newcastle-max) BCs, which are a size larger than the Dunkirkmax class and satisfy both excellent fuel performance and large loading volume with shallow draft. These ships have also won a high evaluation from customers. In addition, the G182BC and G209BC, which were developed by bringing together advanced technologies, are global environment-friendly energy saving ships with dramatically improved fuel economy.

Valemax ore


The first 400,000 DWT ore carrier (Valemax) to be built in Japan. Based on the design know-how that JMU has cultivated over many years, the ship shape has been optimized as a ship dedicated to transporting Brazilian iron ore, and it is next-generation Valemax that combines energy-saving technology and environmental load reduction technology.

  • Dead-weight capacity: 400,000t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions: length approx. 361m x beam approx. 65m x depth approx. 30m

Newcastle-max bulk carrier (G209BC)


“G209BC” was developed in order to increase the cargo capacity compared with old designs, and reduce GHG by 25%, and as a result, became a hit product as capesize bulk carriers for the pacific area trade of coal and iron ore. Well-refined shape of the superstructure contributes the reduction of GHG and improvement of Fuel oil consumption. In addition, the various energy-saving devices and the unique bow shape called “LEADGE-Bow®” decrease additional resistance in waves.

  • Dead-weight capacity: 209,000t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions: length approx. 300m x beam approx. 50m x depth approx. 25m

Dunkerque-max bulk carrir (G182BC)


“G182BC” is the newest design of “Dankirkmax” which meets the port requirement of the Dankirk, France, taking over good reputation of our capesize bulk carriers,. Same as G209BC, well-refined shape of the superstructure, various energy-saving devices, and the “LEADGE-Bow®” are adapted to G182BC as well.

  • Dead-weight capacity: 182,000t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions: length approx. 292m x beam approx. 45m x depth approx. 24.5m

Next-generation energy saving coal carrier


JMU is also actively engaged in new development and design of next-generation energy saving coal carriers for transportation of steam coal to coal-fired thermal power plants in Japan. This ship makes it possible to achieve a substantial reduction in fuel consumption in comparison with conventional ships by applying energy saving equipment beginning with stern attachments, and the CRP (Contra Rotating Propeller) system, which is a proprietary JMU technology.

  • Dead-weight capacity: 97,000t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions: length approx. 240m x beam 43m x depth 21m

Kamsarmax bulk carrier (J82BC)


J82BC is a J-Series 82,400 DWT type developed as next-generation ship of the Panamax bulk carrier that has been built by JMU for a long time. This is the Kamsamax bulk carrier of the next-generation energy-saving ship “J-Series” that has succeeded in reducing GHG by reducing fuel consumption.

  • Dead-weight capacity: 82,000t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions: length approx. 229m x beam approx. 32m x depth approx. 20m

Ultramax bulk carrier (Future-60)


Future-60, which is the latest ship in the F (Future) series, has won high marks from many customers, not only in Japan but in other countries, and became an even greater “hit product.”

  • Dead-weight capacity: 60,000t (approx.)
  • Principal dimensions: length approx. 198m x beam approx. 32m x depth approx. 18m

Icebreaking bulker


In order to transport resources from icy waters, JMU also builds icebreaking type bulk carriers which navigate icy waters using their own power to break the icy sea surface. This is one type of special ship that is possible thanks to the unique capabilities of JMU.

  • Dead-weight capacity: 25,000t
  • Principal dimensions: length 188.8m x beam 26.6m x depth 15.7m

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