Utilizing our experience in the construction of jack-up rigs and offshore structures, we were among the first to build SEP(Self-Elevating Platform) vessel, we are proud to be the only company in Japan to build SEP vessel, which are essential for the construction of offshore wind power generation.

SEP vessels are equipped with a large number of special equipment such as large cranes, lifting devices, DPS, etc. We will build SEP vessels with our advanced technological capabilities and contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality through the spread of offshore wind power.

SEP type multipurpose crane vessel

  • Principal dimensions: length approx.73m x beam approx. 40m x depth approx. 4m
  • Complement: 120
  • Leg length: 66m
  • Main crane: 800t @ 26m

Self-propelled SEP vessel

  • Principal dimensions: length approx.142.8m x beam approx. 50m x depth approx. 11m
  • Complement: 130
  • Leg length:92m
  • Main crane: Max. hoisting capacity 2,500t (boom contracted). 1,250t (boom extended)