With the growing importance of green transition (GX) toward the realization of carbon neutrality, social and business innovation through Digital Tranformation (DX) and national security, it is time to reconsider new values. Changes in the values of society, economy, science and technology, supply chains, as well as our customers’ maritime industries and national defense activities, are rapidly and significantly changing the needs and challenges placed on us.

Our company was established in 2013 after the reorganization of the shipbuilding divisions of four companies with a history of more than 100 years each. Over the past 10 years, we have delivered more than 350 merchant ships, naval vessels, and special-purpose vessels to our customers, more than 4,500 vessels during our predecessor company, and have cultivated advanced technology and knowledge through manufacturing. “Manufacturing” and “technological development” based on cutting-edge technology are essential to our management, we are to respond to changing time quickly and provide higher-value-added products and services. We will do our best to consider solutions to the issues together with customers, partner companies and society to create shared value (CSV).

The shipbuilding industry supports the stability of people’s lives and economic activities in the form of maritime logistics and is also an important industry for security. With the thoughts behind our company name in mind, “leading company as a Japan shipbuilding alliance”, our aim is to become a company that everyone expects and trusts, while fulfilling compliance and social responsibility (CSR).

We would be grateful to the continued support of all those concerned.

President and CEO
Nobuyuki Nada