Test facilities

JMU possesses advanced test tank facilities, enabling a wide range of model testing and experimental research. The company’s Tsu site has a Towing Tank and an Ice Tank (only such facility owned by a private company in Japan), while Yokohama has a Seakeeping & Maneuvering Tank. These test tanks are actively used together with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tools and used as powerful fluid performance design/development tools.

Numerical simulation result
conducted by using a supercomputer

We are participating in a project to perform larger-scale and more precise simulations of flows around a ship using Fugaku, a supercomputer that boasts one of the world’s leading computing capabilities. Highly accurate evaluations of detailed flow features will be achieved.

Towing Tank
(L: 240m x B: 18m x D: 8m)
Ice Tank
(L: 20m x B: 6m x D: 1.8m)
Seakeeping & Maneuvering Tank
(L: 70m x B: 30m x D: 3m)